Wisdom of the pitta

An entertaining and amusing show with Fadiha, the hilarious Bedouin, who will laugh, share and sweep you with the of her unique desert wisdom. In her tent, she creates a surprising and exciting encounter that humorously touches on life, relationships, work and love, combined with stand-up, music and dance, which make the event an unforgettable experience.

About Fadiha

"An amazing and funny evening that will not be forgotten for a long time" (Teva - Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd.) "The show of Fadiha sweeps the audience with wisdom and humor, I came, I listened, I loved" ("L'Isha" – the Israeli weekly leading magazine) "You were the real gift at my husband's birthday party" (Doris Warner, Los Angeles)

Shows and events

"The Pita's Wisdom" - an interactive, humorous and wise stand-up show, that combines music, activities and dancing. It's funny to tears and filled with deep and amusing insights. The show upgrades every event and makes it memorable. Suitable for parties, celebrations and birthdays, private and business events, Bar Mitzvahs, bachelorette parties and more.

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Artistic representation: Racheli Buchman

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